SILENCE GIVES CONSENT: Pope Must Answer Charge of Heresy!

In this week’s Sunday sermon from south St. Paul, Father discusses the ramifications of a catholic denying either the divinity of Christ or His Resurrection. Drawing from Sacred Scripture, Father points out how those who deny either one can according to St. Paul, be rightly condemned as an anti-christ.

One of the many subplots of the recent Synod in Rome involved a bizarre accusation by a friend of Francis, a journalist, who claimed that Francis told him that he does not believe Jesus Christ was Divine while He walked the Earth.

Whatever you think of the credibility of Eugenio Scalfari, the facts of the matter are these: Scalfari is an atheist, Scalfari is a friend of Pope Francis, and Pope Francis has granted Scalfari several interviews; to date, Pope Francis has never denied that he granted the interviews to Scalfari, and he has never claimed that what Scalfari says about his belief in the Divinity of Christ or His Resurrection is in fact not true, or is in some way a fabrication.

Given the severity of the scandal, why would Francis NOT clarify what he believes?
The scandal, therefore, is up to Francis to rectify, which is why Father asks the question of the Pope: Does your silence signify consent?

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