Modernism #8: The Effects

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the effects of modernism which reduces the distance between good and evil. It minimizes sin and is toxic towards sanctity. It minimizes the distinctions between different faiths. The greatest enemy of today’s Church is the corrupt hierarchy which is discrediting the Church throughout the world. The remedy is to be Catholic […]

Modernism #7: The Roots

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the poisonous environment created by modernism. There are two sides of the coin, including doubt of the past teachings of the Church and attitude of superiority of modern thought. It is based upon the theory of vital eminence which is an offshoot of Protestantism. Modernism elevates science and reason over the […]

Modernism #5: The Fruits

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the fruits of modernism. Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets who were wolves in sheep’s clothing. We can distinguish false prophets from true prophets by their fruits.  

Modernism #4: The Turning

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the turn – when good begins to triumph over evil. He recalls the vision of Pope Leo XIII in 1884 which resulted in the prayer to St. Michael.  

Modernism #3: Abuse Statistics

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the sexual abuse scandal and the letter recently issued by Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano. Fr. Nolan apologizes to victims of sexual abuse within the Church and then reviews some of the statistics regarding the abuse crisis.  

Modernism #1: Scandal in the Church

Fr. Daniel Nolan begins a series of homilies on the subject of Modernism. The scandal in the Church is a chastisement from God. Fr. Nolan reflects how God similarly chastised Israel in the Old Testament.