No Anxiety

No Anxiety

Fr. Meeks reflects upon anxiety and why Catholics need to keep in mind that God holds the future. Our outlook on life needs to be marked by Joy, Forbearance and Peace.  

The Affects Of The Godless COVID Lock Down

On Palm Sunday, Fr. Altman ponders how Jesus came to Earth as a man, and challenges to remember that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  Let our faith be greater than our Godless fear.  Fr. Altman tells two stories – one of a puppy and one of a mother and child […]
Tired of Lies?

Tired of Lies?

Fr. David Wilton discusses the current fear pandemic and the tyrannical leaders who are attempting to take advantage of the situation and the effects on religious liberty.
Fr. Altman: Keeping the Faith in the Midst of the Storm

Keeping the Faith in the Midst of the Storm

Fr. James Altman uses the example of Peter and Jesus walking on the water to act as an example for us in the midst of the current storm. What triggers ‘Coronaphobia’ is a person’s own fear of death.  Fr. Altman discusses that suffering has meaning in Jesus Christ, but meaningless in a godless society.  References […]
Fr. Altman: FEARdemic – Trust God, Not Men

FEARdemic – Trust God, Not Men

Fr. James Altman provides a summary of Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven and why we must put our trust in God instead of men during these challenging times.
Fr. Altman Admonishes Bishops for Abandoning Their Flocks

Why Have Bishops Have Abandoning Their Flocks?

Fr. Altman reflects on the reason why people fear death. Is it because they don’t believe in the afterlife, or they do believe and are fearful on what awaits them. He admonishes bishops for abandoning their flocks during the COVID pandemic.