COVID: Something Is Not Right

Fr. Thomas Dufner urges baptized Christians to bring the light of into the world. He discusses the division having been brought into the world via the COVID pandemic. He observes the inconsistencies we have witnessed surrounding the crisis.  
We Belong To A Church Of Martyrs

We Are A Church Of Martyrs

Fr. Wilton reminds Catholics that we are Church of martyrs. The worst thing in the world is to lose one’s soul, not to lose our earthly lives. True Christian witness comes through commitment to exchange our lives in defense to the Truth who is Jesus Christ. Prayer is more important than ever.  

The Affects Of The Godless COVID Lock Down

On Palm Sunday, Fr. Altman ponders how Jesus came to Earth as a man, and challenges to remember that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  Let our faith be greater than our Godless fear.  Fr. Altman tells two stories – one of a puppy and one of a mother and child […]
KEEP the FAITH: This Too Shall Pass

Keep The Faith – This Too Shall Pass

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father speaks of the various epiphanies of Jesus Christ, and he connects those to what is being “manifested” to us today as God prepares to bring the wayward children of the world back to Him. Father points out how God is manifesting–or “outing”–the Children of Darkness, insisting […]
Fr. Altier 2020 Year End Homily

2020 Year End Homily

Fr. Altier takes a look back at the year 2020.  The darkness is great, but do not fear! Stand-up for our faith and our nation.  
Tired of Lies?

Tired of Lies?

Fr. David Wilton discusses the current fear pandemic and the tyrannical leaders who are attempting to take advantage of the situation and the effects on religious liberty.
UNMASKING the UNGODLY: Come, Lord Jesus, Come

Unmasking The Ungodly

Father Echert takes the gloves off on medical dictatorship that is making lepers of us all. What is happening to our world is ungodly in every sense of the word. The world God created is being turned over to the enemies of God Himself. And in that case, only God Himself can save us. Open […]