BAD SHEPHERDS: By Their Fruits You Will Know Them

In this week’s Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father tackles the question of how the sheep can know the good shepherds from the bad.

Shall we continue to follow bad shepherds, merely because they wear the right robes? Or do we look at them as Christ looked at the acting high priest of His day–the corrupt Caiaphas and his evil father-in-law Annas?

Do we follow them over the cliff and onto the rocks far below? Or do we follow the objective standard of Catholicism — historical and traditional Catholicism — as defended by the few good shepherds to whom God in His mercy has entrusted His flock during this time of great upheaval?

And how do we — simple and sinful lay Catholics — determine the good shepherds from the bad? Who are we to judge? Christ Himself gave us the answer: You will know them by their fruits. And so we shall…and so we do…and so we must.

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