Prepare For War

Whether you’re Catholic or not, this sermon will be of interest to you. This is how Catholic priests used to speak, before the Vatican teamed up with the globalists in the 1960s. In this Sunday Sermon, Father Echert recalls several dire predictions which were delivered in Fatima, Portugal to three shepherd children back in 1917. […]

God Damns Communism and Radical Feminism

Fr. Altman reflects on the warning given to us by our Lady of Fatima and how it is now clear that the world did not respond to her requests. As a result, the Godless errors of Russia have been spread throughout the world.  

Fr. Altman: Hell is Real

Fr. James Altman discusses the reality of hell as more and more modern Catholics and Christians alike debate the existence of hell and whether it is populated. From scripture to the visions of Sister Lucia and the children of Fatima, Altman sets the record straight that hell is indeed real. Filmed & produced by filmmaker […]