Christ the King and Baal (Pachamama) Cannot Co Exist

In the historical and inerrant Book of Genesis, there is that special verse…that special sentence in Chapter 3…where the good Lord put enmity between the woman and the serpent. In other words, the Almighty Himself established an enemy relationship…an irreconcilable feud ultimately between Mary and Satan. Holy Moses put it this way in Genesis 3:15: I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel. In a real way, all of human history…all of salvation history… has this theme running through it. The Sacred Scriptures begin with this feud and end with this feud. The enmity relationship begins at our origins…Genesis…and finds its culmination in St. John’s Apocalypse…chapter 12 to be exact…where we find both a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, as well as a red dragon that seeks to devour Her Child. Always at odds with each other…always at war and never allied…there is never a peace treaty…but only complete victory for the woman and utter defeat for Satan. By the power of her Divine Son and Savior, Our Lady ground her heel into the serpent’s head at her most Immaculate Conception. Furthermore, she desires that we join her…unite with her sacred heel…so that we too might crush Satan’s influence in our life. There is to be no co-existence between Christ the King and Baal…no accord between the Queen of heaven and that unjust tyrant and usurper from below. The woman hates the serpent with a perfect hate. And yet, it seems that some think that this lasting feud can somehow be reconciled…that somehow the woman the serpent can co-exist and be at peace. Case and point…we have recently heard about a religious service, of sorts, happening in the Vatican Gardens where a particular false goddess received venation. That false goddess receiving this honor…again in the Vatican Gardens…was and is called Pachamama. That will be the last time that I mention the name of this false goddess. To know a name could possibly open the door to communication and we want no fellowship with what ultimately is a demon. For some of the indigenous people in South America, this false goddess is considered the supreme goddess…the spirit of Mother Earth…even a Cosmic Mother. And for a number of modern people in the West, who have lost the Faith and embraced a neo-paganism and animism, this false goddess represents a universal feminine energy. Her adherents claim that she brings forth life…nourishes and protects existing life…and oversees the fruitfulness of creation. She demands worship…even blood sacrifices. She supposedly likes it when human beings are ecologically virtuous, but she punishes man with earthquakes and natural disasters if she is disrespected. But interestingly enough, this false goddess is often times depicted as a giant dragon…or she is depicted as a large, fertile woman with serpents wrapped around her arms and body. A woman and a serpent as one…united in peace…co- existing and reconciled.

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