Heaven Inside

Heaven Inside

Fr. Mark Goring explains that heaven is meant to come down. We were made to have the divine life within each of us. Without heaven dwelling in us, we are incomplete.  

Many Invited, But Few Will Attend

Fr. Altman reminds us to never forget the infinite love of the Father willing to offer forgiveness to those who repent. We have been invited by our heavenly Father to attend the banquet of eternal life. But we are free to refuse His invitation. Many of today’s shepherds have lost sight of the fact that […]

Which Mark Is Upon Your Forehead?

Fr. Altman reflects upon the fact that sin is objective and we have an obligation as Christians to confront those who are sinning. He differentiates between judging the state of someone’s eternal soul versus declaring sin when we see it. Homily from August 12, 2020.  

Which Road Will You Follow?

Fr. Altman reflects upon the violent riots occurring across the nation. It seems as though are world is spinning out of control. He poses the question of whether we will follow the narrow road of Christ vs. the broad road that leads to eternal destruction. The age of casual Catholicism is over. Homily from 06/20/2020. […]