Tone Trumps Truth

Tone Trumps Truth?

Fr. Richard Heilman discusses how weak bishops have helped to create a “woke” culture that emphasizes “tone” over “truth.”  
Our Government Has Lied To Us In The Past
Government Has Lied To Us Before

Government Has Lied To Us Before

Fr. Daniel Nolan reflects upon the old adage that those who ignorant of the past are bound to repeat it. Fr. Nolan offers a number of historical examples of when government officials conducted unethical scientific experiments on its citizens and then lied about it. Knowing our history enables us to think for ourselves and hopefully […]
Draw Closer to Christ

A Society That Leaves God Abandons Reality

During the first Sunday of Advent, Fr. Nolan urges us to draw closer to Christ. The closer we get to God, the more we come to understand the Truth. The further our society drifts from Christ, the world leads behind reality.  
Let’s Stop Pretending

Let’s Stop Pretending

Fr. Meeks explains the challenges we face in a society which has largely rejected truth for the allure of lies and why Christians must defend the truth in love.  
Evil Is Laughing At Us

Evil Is Laughing At Us

Fr. Richard Heilman discusses the story of the stoning of Stephen, the Church’s first martyr. Today, it is importance to take a stand for the truth instead of being concerned about politically correctness and refusing to condemn evil.  
Good Friday: Jesus Came To Testify To The Truth

Jesus Came To Testify To The Truth

Jesus came to testify to the truth. But today we live in a world where a circle is declared a square. We need to approach His thrown of grace with reverence and beg him for the restoration of His Church.  

Truth Is Not Hate Speech

Fr. Altman encourages us to consider the example of the Godly saints versus Godless heathens. He examines the Godly example of Mother Teresa. Father says we must conscious choose each day to pick-up our cross daily and follow Jesus. The unholy political correctness of our age is cancelling those who have the courage to speak […]

Remain In The Truth

On the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Fr. Altman reflects upon the importance to stand-up for truth. No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ who is the Truth. We must remain in Christ if we are to bear fruit. Homily from 07/31/2020.  

The Rule of a Lots

Fr. Altman discusses the prevalence of uninformed opinions in today’s society. Everyone is entitled to seek the truth, but not to simply spout-off their opinions. Homily from 06/11/2020.