The Need for Holy Priests

The Need for Holy Priests

Fr. Fita discusses the need for priests today that are willing to act in union with the heart of Christ and be a sign of contradiction in today’s misguided society.  

Wolves in Shepherd’s Clothing

Fr. Lampe reflects upon John’s gospel reading in which Jesus prays that His Father will protect his sheep from the Evil One, consecrating them in the Truth. He discusses Jesus’ prediction that wolves would come into the flock of Christians and mislead them. God is Truth – if we want to know Him, we must […]

Keep The Faith No Matter What

Fr. Altman reflects upon the gospel story of the good shepherd. He discusses the reason why Judas likely betrayed Jesus. The good shepherd’s job is to lead us to eternal life. The bad shepherd abandons his sheep during their time of need. He cites examples of bad shepherds, including Cardinal Deardon, Bernadine and Wuerl and […]
Fr. Altman Admonishes Bishops for Abandoning Their Flocks

Why Have Bishops Have Abandoning Their Flocks?

Fr. Altman reflects on the reason why people fear death. Is it because they don’t believe in the afterlife, or they do believe and are fearful on what awaits them. He admonishes bishops for abandoning their flocks during the COVID pandemic.