Sermon for Friday Aug. 7, 2020

Where Are The Heroes Of Today’s Church?

Fr. Richard Heilman reflects upon the heroic first Christians who grew the faith in spite of persecution by courageously proclaiming the faith.  Where are today’s courageously leaders in this time of crisis?  

Confronting Godless Evil

Fr. Altman reflects upon the civil unrest being fomented by socialist forces and the failure of our leaders to confront this evil. Homily from 07/29/2020.  

The Lord Is Our Refuge In Every Age

In every age, our Lord is our refuge: including today. What we are seeing are the fruits of failed leadership in both secular society and the Church. We are reaping the fruits of our past mistakes. Homily from 06/22/2020.  

Modernism #8: The Effects

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the effects of modernism which reduces the distance between good and evil. It minimizes sin and is toxic towards sanctity. It minimizes the distinctions between different faiths. The greatest enemy of today’s Church is the corrupt hierarchy which is discrediting the Church throughout the world. The remedy is to be Catholic […]

Modernism #5: The Fruits

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the fruits of modernism. Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets who were wolves in sheep’s clothing. We can distinguish false prophets from true prophets by their fruits.