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Cardinal Burke Warns About ‘Apostasy,’ ‘Scandal’ in Catholic Church

His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke is yet again warning Catholics about the third secret of Fatima and its connection to the growing attacks on family life being perpetrated by politicians who consider themselves followers of Christ. During a forceful sermon given at the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima earlier this month, […]
Catholic Priest Unloads on Pro-Abortion Catholics

Catholics Cannot Be Pro-Abortion

Fr. Kosco discusses the issue of abortion, reflecting upon his service in the Peace Corp. near Auswitch. He ponders the question how could the Holocaust happened and its relationship to abortion today. Please help Rev. Kosco build a church at St. Henry Catholic Parish: St. Henry Building Fund 24750 W Lower Buckeye Rd Buckeye, AZ […]
Charity Rejoices in Truth

Charity Rejoices in Truth

Fr. Robert Altier’s homily from February 3, 2019 addresses the madness that is now sweeping our nation, distinguishing from true Charity that rejoices in the truth.
Christ the King and Baal (Pachamama) Cannot Co Exist

Christ the King and Baal (Pachamama) Cannot Co Exist

In the historical and inerrant Book of Genesis, there is that special verse…that special sentence in Chapter 3…where the good Lord put enmity between the woman and the serpent. In other words, the Almighty Himself established an enemy relationship…an irreconcilable feud ultimately between Mary and Satan. Holy Moses put it this way in Genesis 3:15: […]
Fr. Joseph Illo’s 8/19/18 homily about clerical abuse

Clerical Abuse

Fr. Illo reads a letter from Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on the clerical abuse crisis and then reflects on the causes and remedies.  
COME LORD JESUS: Save Us From The Shepherds

COME LORD JESUS: Save Us From The Shepherds

In the Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul for the First Sunday in Advent, Father touches on the two great comings of Christ: The first one in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago, and the Second Coming of Christ the Judge at the end of time. But then Father also prays for another kind of coming […]
Fr. Lange: Confession the New Exodus

Confession the New Exodus

Fr. Timothy Lange discusses John the Baptist’s compelling message of God’s grace that attracted people to come to conversion. This same grace is available to us today in the Sacrament of Confession.