DIOCESAN PRIEST: Viganò & the Crisis of Vatican II

Viganò And The Crisis Of Vatican II

Father Echert addresses the anarchy of today and how it is similar to the riots and anarchy of the 1960. Citing the recent letter of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on the “parallel Church” established after Vatican II, Father argues that the crisis in the world today is a direct consequence of the Revolution in the […]
IN GOD’S NAME: Viganò Resists Francis to His Face

In God’s Name, Viganò Resists Francis to His Face

In this Sunday Sermon from South St. Paul, Father uses the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus to discuss the importance and the power of the Name of the Son of God. He explains how St. Peter—the first pope—used that Name to convert thousands in one day. He reminds us that the demons who […]