Tired of Lies?

Tired of Lies?

Fr. David Wilton discusses the current fear pandemic and the tyrannical leaders who are attempting to take advantage of the situation and the effects on religious liberty.
These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls

These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls

Thomas Paine was a famous author of pamphlets during the American Revolution. Thomas Paine’s great gift was an ability to bolster the morale of those who were wavering and vacillating in regards to the cause of the American Revolution. A famous line from one of his pamphlets read: These are the times that try men’s […]
UNMASKING the UNGODLY: Come, Lord Jesus, Come

Unmasking The Ungodly

Father Echert takes the gloves off on medical dictatorship that is making lepers of us all. What is happening to our world is ungodly in every sense of the word. The world God created is being turned over to the enemies of God Himself. And in that case, only God Himself can save us. Open […]
FIGHTING BACK: The Catholic Vote

Fighting Back Against Tyranny

Father Echert reflects on how close we all came to losing the Mass in Minnesota just as most Catholics have lost the Mass in New York City. What happened? A handful of Catholics fought back and won their freedom to have the Mass and Sacraments inside their churches. Next up, Father looks at last week’s […]
We need a Cleansing…

We Need A Cleansing

Fr. Wilton discusses the COVID pandemic, the Great Reset and the attacks on our religious liberties. Fr. Wilton believes that God will step-in and intercede in today’s mayhem.  

When Is Enough Enough?

At what point do the impositions on our God-given religious freedoms become intolerable? Fr. Altman reflects upon how the martyrs in today’s readings stood strong in the face of tyrannical power. Homily from 08/01/2020.