Fr. Altman: Keeping the Faith in the Midst of the Storm

Keeping the Faith in the Midst of the Storm

Fr. James Altman uses the example of Peter and Jesus walking on the water to act as an example for us in the midst of the current storm. What triggers ‘Coronaphobia’ is a person’s own fear of death.  Fr. Altman discusses that suffering has meaning in Jesus Christ, but meaningless in a godless society.  References […]

Suffering Not Politics

Fr Elias gives the homily at Griswold, CT on Oct 17, 2021, on how the Apostles thought Our Lord had a political mission, not a mission of suffering. The Church still has a mission for the salvation of souls.

Suffering and Mercy

On the Sunday after Easter (Low Sunday), Fr. Daniel Nolan reflects on the subject of mercy. God is merciful and wants to relieve us of suffering, but sometimes he allows a lesser form of suffering in order to avoid a greater suffering.