Going Along to Get Along

Fr. Meeks reflects on 1 John chapter 3: “The reason why the world does not know us is it did not know Him.” The world refers to the world of sin estranged from God. The world cannot relate to people that live according to the will of God. We are citizens of another Kingdom – […]
Evil Is Laughing At Us

Evil Is Laughing At Us

Fr. Richard Heilman discusses the story of the stoning of Stephen, the Church’s first martyr. Today, it is importance to take a stand for the truth instead of being concerned about politically correctness and refusing to condemn evil.  
Spineless Leadership With No Backbone

Spineless Leadership With No Backbone

Fr. Goring discusses how many Christian denominations have been split due to differences in sexual ideologies. He then reviews how this thinking is now penetrating the Catholic Church. Many Church leaders are fearful to take a stand to defend traditional Catholic teaching.  

Truth Is Not Hate Speech

Fr. Altman encourages us to consider the example of the Godly saints versus Godless heathens. He examines the Godly example of Mother Teresa. Father says we must conscious choose each day to pick-up our cross daily and follow Jesus. The unholy political correctness of our age is cancelling those who have the courage to speak […]