True Freedom is Grounded in Truth

True Freedom Is Grounded in Truth

This Homily was presented by Fr. David Wilton on September 26, 2021 at the Divine Mercy Chapel at the Fathers of Mercy, Auburn Kentucky. Fr. Wilton discusses how true freedom needs to be based upon the truths of Jesus Christ and that we have duty, as Christians, to resist evil when present.  

We Must Drive-Out the Brood of Ungrateful, Graceless, Godless Vipers

In this Memorial Holiday sermon, Fr. James Altman expressed his gratefulness for the freedoms won by our forefathers and the sacrifices they have made. He says that we are duty-bound to drive-out the brood of ungrateful, graceless, godless vipers’ that are set on defeating America. Fr. Altman then compares the gospel of the world vs. […]