Never Again Will They Deny Us The Raw Materials For Martyrdom

Dear family, for 2,000 years the Catholic Church has been the guardian of the full Deposit of Faith, serving the Faithful by providing the raw materials necessary to turn out Saints and Martyrs. Suddenly, along came 2020, a fear-demic, and the factory for Saints and Martyrs was closed. NEVER AGAIN. They stole Holy Week and […]
Fr. Mark Beard’s Final and Prophetic Homily

Fr. Mark Beard’s Final and Prophetic Homily

Father Mark Beard, pastor at St. Helena Catholic Church in Amite, Louisiana, who died tragically in a car accident on Wednesday, Aug. 2, preached a stirring last homily on the need to unapologetically accept and live by the Catholic faith with a view toward the day we stand before God in judgment.