The Great Cultural Divide

The Great Cultural Divide

On Respect Life Sunday, Fr. Edward Meeks discusses the great divide in our culture created by the issue of aborition. He describes abortion as a demonic sacrifice of the Left in our nation.  
Sheep Without A Shepherd

Sheep Without A Shepherd

Fr. Richard Heilman discusses the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. He then goes on to discuss the difference between the Good Shepherd and the hireling.  
Can Someone Be Denied Holy Communion?

Can Someone Be Denied Holy Communion?

Fr. Mike Schmitz says sometimes we can be tricked into thinking that the Holy Communion we receive at Mass every Sunday is somehow owed to us; that we have a right to receive it. However, the Eucharist, which is Jesus Christ’s own body and blood, is a divine gift bestowed upon us by our Heavenly […]
Catholic Priest Unloads on Pro-Abortion Catholics

Catholics Cannot Be Pro-Abortion

Fr. Kosco discusses the issue of abortion, reflecting upon his service in the Peace Corp. near Auswitch. He ponders the question how could the Holocaust happened and its relationship to abortion today. Please help Rev. Kosco build a church at St. Henry Catholic Parish: St. Henry Building Fund 24750 W Lower Buckeye Rd Buckeye, AZ […]