Keep The Faith – This Too Shall Pass

In this video

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father speaks of the various epiphanies of Jesus Christ, and he connects those to what is being “manifested” to us today as God prepares to bring the wayward children of the world back to Him.

Father points out how God is manifesting–or “outing”–the Children of Darkness, insisting that the Children of Light must use this dark moment to watch and pray and prepare for the Divine Epiphany.

Don’t curse the darkness. Don’t live in fear of men, i.e., Democrats, Biden and Soros, oh my! But do live in fear of God. Do return to the Faith. Do return to your knees. Do return to the good graces of God and get ready for hell on earth.

Now is not the time to despair or to give up or to stop fighting. COVID is part of the plan to close the churches and take down the Children of Light. We must make sure that doesn’t happen, and in this sermon Father gives us spiritual direction on how we can become part of the 1% who will survive the coming chastisement and emerge victorious with the Army of God.


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