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Do What You Want, But….

Do What You Want, But….

Fr. Meeks challenges us to follow the same advice given by Joshua to the Israelites: fear the Lord, serve the Lord and rid your life of idols.  
Our Culture Has Lost All Sense Of Sin

Our Culture Has Lost All Sense Of Sin

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in South Carolina says our culture has “lost its sense of sin” and discusses the importance of remaining reverent during worship.  

Cardinal Burke Warns About ‘Apostasy,’ ‘Scandal’ in Catholic Church

His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke is yet again warning Catholics about the third secret of Fatima and its connection to the growing attacks on family life being perpetrated by politicians who consider themselves followers of Christ. During a forceful sermon given at the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima earlier this month, […]
The Need for Holy Priests

The Need for Holy Priests

Fr. Fita discusses the need for priests today that are willing to act in union with the heart of Christ and be a sign of contradiction in today’s misguided society.  

Get To Work!

Fr. Kirby says that true Christian discipleship is a radical commitment to the ways of Christ. One of the ways we are called to the life of Christ is through our work. Many in today’s society are choosing not to work but to rely on government assistance.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that […]

We Must Drive-Out the Brood of Ungrateful, Graceless, Godless Vipers

In this Memorial Holiday sermon, Fr. James Altman expressed his gratefulness for the freedoms won by our forefathers and the sacrifices they have made. He says that we are duty-bound to drive-out the brood of ungrateful, graceless, godless vipers’ that are set on defeating America. Fr. Altman then compares the gospel of the world vs. […]

Prepare For War

Whether you’re Catholic or not, this sermon will be of interest to you. This is how Catholic priests used to speak, before the Vatican teamed up with the globalists in the 1960s. In this Sunday Sermon, Father Echert recalls several dire predictions which were delivered in Fatima, Portugal to three shepherd children back in 1917. […]
Recognize The Wolves Among You

Recognize The Wolves Among You

Fr. Altier discusses Jesus’ warning that from our own number there would arise wolves. He provides examples how bishops are promoting false teaching. Jesus prayed that we would be one, but this cannot happen if we are not united in the Truth in Charity.