Waltz, Father Justin

Father Justin Waltz was ordained on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in May of 2008. He was assigned by the Bishop to be the chaplain of Bishop Ryan Catholic School and the parochial vicar of St. Leos Catholic Church under the pastorate of Fr. Austin Vetter. During this time Father Waltz created and implemented the three pillar chaplains faith formation program at Bishop Ryan Catholic school. It was also during this time that Father Waltz successfully lead a process to renovate the chapel at Bishop Ryan Catholic school. As parochial vicar Father Waltz assisted Father Vetter in the renovation of St. Leo’s rectory as well as the restoration project of St. Leos Catholic Church.
In 2012 Fr. Waltz was appointed by Bishop David Kagan as the Pastor St. Leos Catholic Church as well as the Delegate for Catholic Education in the Diocese of Bismarck. During his years as pastor Fr. Waltz successfully lead a process to restore the sanctuary of St. Leos Catholic Church as well as various other updates to the Church building. Fr. Waltz has trained three Parochial vicar’s assigned to him and is presently expecting his fourth this coming summer. Father has also numerous seminarians assigned to him for formation during the summer and throughout the year. As Delegate for Catholic Education Fr. Waltz, on behalf of the Bishop, monitors the stability and Catholicity of the schools of the Diocese of Bismarck.

Fr. Waltz holds a Minor in Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, a Master Degree in Theology and a Masters Degree in Education. He has attended the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, The University of Mary, The Pontifical College Josephinum, and The Pontifical North American College. Fr. Waltz proudly attended St. Mary’s Central High School in Bismarck North Dakota and considers Catholic Education as the place where he received his vocation to the priesthood of Jesus Christ.