Gloudeman, Father Francis

Fr. Gloudeman was born in Inglewood in 1959, the son of Dr. Joseph and Jan Gloudemann. His dad worked for the space program, making advances in computer software. He is the oldest of three sons, each born two years apart. The whole family was practicing Catholics. His parents had a love for priests and many priests enjoyed being at the family home in Torrance and later in Orange. It was at Mater Dei he started feeling a call to the priesthood. During a holy hour at Thomas Aquinas College, he felt a clear call to be a priest. One of the teachers at Mater Dei, Father Leo Celano, became his spiritual director. He entered St. Michael’s abbey and received four years of theological education at the Angelicum in Rome. His two main assignments have been teaching homeschoolers in parishes in Southern California for 21 years and helping out at various parishes in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. His greatest joy has been giving others the Word and the Sacraments.