Prepare For War

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Whether you’re Catholic or not, this sermon will be of interest to you. This is how Catholic priests used to speak, before the Vatican teamed up with the globalists in the 1960s. In this Sunday Sermon, Father Echert recalls several dire predictions which were delivered in Fatima, Portugal to three shepherd children back in 1917. The predictions were delivered in a public setting by a woman believed to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, although the Catholic bishop at the time was very skeptical and did not encourage it to be taken seriously. In fact, it was only after years of investigation that finally, on October 13, 1930, the Church declared the events at Fatima ‘worthy of belief’. The predictions—which included an urgent call to prayer and fasting, asking God to save the world—were greatly substantiated by a preannounced “Miracle of the Sun”, a massive solar phenomenon witnessed by some 70,000 people and covered extensively in secular newspapers at the time (vintage photographs of the event are available online). The predictions warned of a coming world war, apostasy in the Catholic Church, and the ‘annihilations of nations’. Are the dire predictions of Fatima coming true today? Father cites Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (former Vatican apostolic nuncio, who has since issued urgent warnings that the Vatican under Pope Francis is in league with the New World Order) as representing a growing number of Catholics who believe the Church has been infiltrated and that hell itself has declared all-out war on the Catholic Church and Christian civilization. Is this, in fact, what is happening today with respect to Davos, Covid and the one world government?

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